I’m Melissa Smith, and I’m a fourth-generation Montanan, a professional pianist, and a teacher, currently living and working in Great Falls, MT. I’m running to represent House District 20 (the southern rim of Great Falls, stretching from the airport to the Air Force Base) in the Montana Legislature.


I was raised in Havre, with my Summers spent with my grandparents in the Flathead Valley. I received a first-class education here, from Kindergarten in Havre through my BA from the University of Montana.


I have been involved in community organizing, running individual campaigns, and non-profits of all kinds since my University days. I have enjoyed that work immensely; however, I am now seeking a seat at the table that makes Montana laws and passes the budget, since our values are reflected by where our money gets spent.


My campaign focuses on three core issues: conservation and preservation of public lands, with an emphasis on clean air, water and wildlife habitat; quality public education including pre-school education for all Montana students; and reimagining public safety, wherein we protect our communities by emphasizing public health, food security, inclusion, and diversity.


The Preservation and

Conservation of Public Lands


Clean Air and Water

Wildlife Habitat

Public Access

Clean Energy Jobs


Quality Public Education

Pre-School through 

Graduate Degrees

Advocating for Two-Year

and Vocational Programs


Public Safety

Restoring the Common Good

Food Security

Protection for the Vulnerable

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